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What does In-Person delivery mean through the Digital Cookie platform?

In-Person delivery allows your order to be delivered face-to-face by a Girl Scout. When a customer selects the In-Person delivery option via the Digital Cookie platform that selection must be first approved by an adult or caregiver. Parental approval may be based on cookie inventory distance capacity to deliver to the requested address and whether the girl can meet the estimated delivery time of 6–10 weeks.

Why isn't In-Person delivery offered in my area?

Some councils may not offer In-Person delivery as an option, or it may be turned off during the cookie season once the initial cookie order for the council has been submitted.

What if I select In-Person delivery and the Girl Scout parent doesn't approve?

Parents/caregivers have 5 days to consider and approve In-Person delivery orders placed online through a Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie site. Their decision may be based in part on cookie inventory distance and capacity to deliver to the requested address; whether the customer is a friend or family member; and whether the girl can meet the estimated delivery time of 6–10 weeks. If the order is not approved for In-Person delivery we will complete the order by following the customer’s selected secondary delivery option at the time of placing the order which can either be to donate the cookies to the council’s charity of choice or to cancel the order.

Can I adjust my order to change my shipping address or change my delivery method?

Unfortunately you cannot change your order or update a shipping address. Once an order is placed all sales are final.

Can I order cookies online and have them shipped outside of the U.S.?

Currently we are not offering the option of shipping cookies outside of the U.S. Girl Scout Cookies purchased via the Digital Cookie platform can be shipped within the United States including to Alaska Hawaii Puerto Rico the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and military or diplomatic locations with an APO/FPO/DPO address.

Are cookies shipped via regular mail or via a third party shipping company?

Cookies are shipped using major carrier(s) from the distribution center to your specified shipping address.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

Shipping and handling costs are calculated in tiers starting at $12.99 for 4—8 packages of cookies. But don't worry about doing all that math. Just visit the Digital Cookie site make your cookie selections and we'll calculate the shipping for you before you finalize your order. Thank you for your support! 

How can I track my order?

Once your order is placed you will receive an email confirmation with your order information. Please allow a few hours for the email to be delivered to your inbox. The length of time it takes to arrive in your inbox is dependent on your email provider. Once your order is ready to ship you will receive another email notification which will include your carrier tracking number. Check your email for a message from "Girl Scout Cookies" email@email.girlscouts.org. Make sure to look in Spam/Junk folders as well as in any Promotional tabs.

You can check your order status by going to this link. This link can also be found in your order confirmation email and in the footer of the Girl Scout's Digital Order Card. Please provide the same first name, last name, Order #, and email address that was entered for your order.

Other than shipping and handling are there any other fees associated with online ordering?

No there are no other fees other than the cost of cookies. When you pay for shipping and handling you’re helping empower girls to do more with their cookie earnings. These fees go directly to the vendors who help us make sure your delicious cookies get to you and that the cookie money gets to her troop. That way she and her friends can go out into their communities and do amazing things.