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Girl Scout Cookie varieties vary per area. If the Girl Scout Cookie you are looking for is not showing in the order card, it could be for a variety of reasons, including the possibility of the cookie being out of stock or not for sale by the council. Please check with your Girl Scout’s local council for more information.

In true Girl Scout style, the girls always initiate the cookie sale. This allows girls to learn from the experience, provide customers with all relevant information about the cookies they are offering (as cookie varieties vary based on location), and most importantly, stay safe by inviting only trusted friends and family members to order through her Digital Cookie site. If you don’t already know a Girl Scout, ask around to your friends and family to find a trusted connection!

Yes. We understand that sometimes friends and loved ones live across the country or in a different state, so feel free to purchase cookies from any Girl Scout who markets her cookie business to you. She’ll be grateful for your support.

Cookie varieties vary by area. To learn more about cookies offered by your Girl Scout, visit the cookie site of the girl who has invited you or, if she is not currently participating in the Digital Cookie platform, her local council’s website.

For a shipped order, you can expect to see the charge for the full amount on your statement after you submit your order. For an in-person delivery order, you can expect to see the authorization hold (but not the charge) after you submit your order. Once your Girl Scout’s parent approves the in-person delivery order, the full amount will then be charged. If the order is declined or if it is not approved within 10 days, it will default to your secondary delivery option or cancellation. If you were charged incorrectly, please contact customer service.

All sales are final. You cannot cancel an order, and we do not offer refunds.

 Please check your spam folder for an email from Girl Scout Cookies ( If you cannot find it and you wish to retrieve your order confirmation number, please fill out this form.

Shipped orders can take 2–10 business days for delivery. In-person delivery orders can take 6–10 weeks.

The reason may depend on the delivery method you have chosen. Refer to your order confirmation email to verify your delivery method. Shipping orders can take 2–10 business days. In-person delivery orders can take 6–10 weeks. If it has been longer than this amount of time, please contact customer service via this form.

Please contact customer service via this form.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the opportunity to change an order. Once the order is placed, all sales are final.

For product inquiries or concerns, contact Little Brownie Bakers at 1-800-962-1718, or visit This contact information is also noted on the side panel of each cookie box.