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Want a visual walkthrough?  Check out this training video!

Need quick instructions for how to register?  Check out this tip sheet!


Need help getting a registration email?

Help diagnose and solve your issue using this tip sheet!


If your email address is not recognized:

If you are both a parent and a volunteer, verify that your volunteer and parent email address are the same.  While you can log in if they are different, you will not be able to toggle between your roles.

Verify that you arrived at Digital Cookie by clicking on the link in your registration email.  If you did not receive a registration email, please review this tip sheet.

If you have received a Digital Cookie registration email and still receive an error message about your email address after clickinted

Need help getting started? Read our Guide to Digital Cookie in  4 Easy Steps.

Video tutorial for Shipping-only councils.

Video tutorial for councils who participate in In-Person delivery as well as Shipping.