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Digital Cookie Registration

Want a visual walkthrough?  Check out this training video!

Need quick instructions for how to register?  Check out this tip sheet!


Need help getting a registration email?

Help diagnose and solve your issue using this tip sheet!


If your email address is not recognized:

If you are both a parent and a volunteer, verify that your volunteer and parent email address are the same.  While you can log in if they are different, you will not be able to toggle between your roles.

Verify that you arrived at Digital Cookie by clicking on the link in your registration email.  If you did not receive a registration email, please review this tip sheet.

If you have received a Digital Cookie registration email and still receive an error message about your email address after clicking the link in your registration email and attempting to log in, contact Customer Service.

If your Girl Scout is 13 or older and you are receiving an error message that her email address is not unique:

If you are attempting to register your Girl Scout for Digital Cookie and she is 13 or older, she will need her own email address to access her account separately. This email address cannot be the same as your own or another Girl Scout's—it must be unique.

We encourage our older Girl Scouts to be independent and take initiative with their online sales, while still allowing parents the ability to see and have final approval over her site. Having her own email address allows us to email her every time an order is received or updated without spamming her parent. Having a separate login allows her to feel independent and in control of her own sale.

If you do not feel comfortable with your Girl Scout having her own email address, create the separate email address, but do not give her the password—simply use it to access the registration email to log into Digital Cookie for the first time.

If your Girl Scout is 13 or older and has not received her registration email:

Need quick instructions for her to register? Check out this tip sheet!

Experiencing some issues while trying to register?  Help diagnose and solve your issue using this tip sheet!


Still having trouble?  Contact Customer Service.