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Approve Orders

If your council offers In-Person delivery, you may need to approve some of those orders.  You will have 10 days to approve an order, otherwise it will automatically change to the customer's secondary delivery method (either donation or cancellation).

You can view the order details by clicking on the customer's name.  Here you will see their delivery address, and the number and varieties of cookies they have ordered.

You should consider whether or not you feel comfortable and safe allowing your Girl Scout to deliver to the customer's home, the distance required to travel, and whether or not you and your troop leader will be able to get the cookies.  If any of those are not acceptable, you should decline the order.  Orders can be declined from the COOKIE ORDERS tab.  Select the order(s) you'd like to decline, then click the Decline Order button. Alternatively, you can decline the order from within the order details.

In-Person delivery orders can be approved from the COOKIE ORDERS tab.  Select the order(s) you'd like to approve, then click the Approve Order button.  Alternatively, you can approve the order from within the order details.

Your troop leader should be able to see on their Digital Cookie dashboard what cookies your Girl Scout needs to deliver in person. However, contact your troop leader to make sure they are aware.

Have questions about approving an order?  Go to our Customer Service Portal, then in the section "My Cookie Orders," click on "Approve an in-person delivery."