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Sales Types

There are several sales types available for Digital Cookie:

  • Shipped order: The cookies will be shipped directly to the customer.
  • In-person delivery order: The cookies will be delivered by your Girl Scout to the customer's home.  All such orders need to be approved by you (the parent).  Note that not all councils offer in-person delivery.
  • Donated order: Donated cookies can be purchased separately or in combination with either a shipped or in-person delivery order.  The customer cannot choose which varieties of cookies to donate.  The cookies will be donated to the charity your local council has decided upon.

All of the above methods can be chosen by the customer on either the website or the mobile app version of Digital Cookie.  In addition, the mobile app offers

  • Cookies in hand: At a booth sale or door-to-door, your Girl Scout’s cookie customer can use their credit card on the mobile app to purchase cookies your Girl Scout has with her.