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Marketing Emails

Some councils offer rewards to Girl Scouts who send marketing emails to a minimum number of unique customers.  You can see how many customers a Girl Scout has emailed on your dashboard.

On the bottom of your dashboard, you'll be able to search for troops.  Your council and service unit will be automatically chosen.  If you are a service unit admin, you can choose the troop. If you are a troop leader, your troop will be automatically chosen.

You can choose to click the Search button and see the entire troop, or you can add the Girl Scout name to search for an individual Girl Scout.

The search results will provide the Girl Scout first and last name, her GSUSA ID, her parent first and last name, her parent email address, her date of birth, whether or not her site is live to consumers, the link to her consumer-facing site, and the number of customers she has emailed.  

Note that this will not be the total amount of emails she has sent, but the number of unique customers she has emailed.  This means that if she sends an "Open for business!" email, a "There’s still time to order cookies!" email, and a "Thanks for your support!" email to the same customer, it will only count once.

In order for a Girl Scout to successfully send a marketing email:

  • Her Digital Cookie site must be published
  • It must be within her local council's Digital Cookie sale
  • She must be a Girl Scout 13 and older, or a parent helping a Girl Scout 12 and younger
  • She must have selected at least one customer
  • At least one customer selected must have a valid email address
  • She must click the SEND MARKETING EMAIL button